Whistleblowing: Blow It Hard


The talk of corruption, mismanagement of funds, cronyism and abuse of power is prevalent amongst Malaysians. It is commonly spoken as casual social conversations to policy-induced discussions amongst policy makers and stakeholders.

According to a study done by Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) “Global Corruption Barometer for Asia, 2020”, 71% of Malaysians responded that Government corruption is a big problem to which another 39% agree that corruption is on the rise in Malaysia.

Corruption. We know it exists, we hear of it, we speak of it but what are we doing about it? How many actually step forward to report it? How many know that they are protected by law?

The Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 was made in effect to protect any person who makes a disclosure of improper conduct to relevant authorities. The protection ensures:

  • Identity of whistleblower is kept secret
  • No action taken against informant
  • Protection from any detrimental action (repercussion)
  • Protection extended to those related to the whistleblower

As citizens, it is our rightful duty and responsibility to call out and whistleblow on corrupt practices. Law is there to protect us. If the majority remain silent, the corrupted continue to corrupt and the casualty is Malaysia.

The scale must not tip, corruption must not be normalized. It begins with us. Let’s stand together and blow that whistle hard!






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