Vaccines save lives


Oleh Lawrence Low

The whole world has been in this great battle against COVID-19 since February 2020. Only a handful of great minds saw it coming, but the rest of us had no idea that a major crisis like this could happen in this information technological era. In the blink of an eye, our country has been plunged into the ‘Movement Control Order’ (MCO) where everything was forced to halt. With our economy depending on people’s mobilization, this stagnation was damaging.

With my own eyes, I saw the effects that this pandemic has on us. Businesses owners I personally know were forced to shut down their businesses. In extreme cases, some people had to sell off their homes because they could no longer afford it. Thousands of staff were being laid off and a number of people had to seek out unruly loan sharks as they are desperate to make ends meet.

Despite all that, I could empathize as to why the necessary MCO had to be done. Our numbers of Covid-19 cases were kept low so do the death rate and by the end of the first MCO, life went back to almost being normal and I was excited to get back to it despite the new norm. Yet devastatingly, through the acts of selfish politicians who craved for power, these spiking numbers caused us to spiraling down the insane life again.

Sparking a new wave of COVID-19 infection across the whole country that is much more infectious and deadly as it brought with it new mutation of the virus from other countries. During this time, people are being infected all around me. Friends, families and neighbors were infected and some even died from COVID-19. This virus that previously has been infecting faceless victims only heard through news is now infecting my own community.

Many things have happened, and I am one of the lucky few that have gotten my first shot of vaccination. From pay cuts to all hardships, all of this could only end when all of us finally get our vaccine because COVID-19 has been going on for long enough. So many people have died, so many businesses have shut down and so many lives destroyed or disrupted because of it. How much longer are we going to suffer before we realize that vaccination is an essential part of the solution? The vaccine is more than just needles and vials; it is one of the only hopes of us getting through this right now.

It is my greatest gratitude that I have finally been vaccinated. I would also like to say, it is not just very important to take the vaccine but it is also our responsibility as Malaysian citizens. We cannot just be complaining about what the government is doing or not doing, when we ourselves are not taking the step forward against fighting COVID-19. We must also each of us do whatever we can to help in this battle.

Take the vaccine! Take action now!


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